This means that the borrower does not always have to provide additional credit security. But that would also mean that the vehicle does not belong to the borrower during the term.

What is security transfer?

What is security transfer?

Assignment is a security for a loan. Banks want to have this credit security, especially when they have a high car loan. Thus, the bank has the right of ownership during the term of a car loan with transferable ownership. In addition, the vehicle registration document is often also requested. If the borrower fails to repay the loan properly, the vehicle can remain in the bank’s possession. As long as the loan has not been repaid, the vehicle cannot be sold.

The borrower may use the vehicle, but has no other rights for the time being. After the car loan has been paid by way of security, the vehicle becomes fully in the possession of the borrower. The bank is taking a risk with this certainty. The value of the vehicle can drop sharply so that it could make loss.

Therefore, not every bank will require this loan security. For many, the vehicle registration document or other credit security is enough.

Criteria for borrowing

Criteria for borrowing

The car loan with transferable ownership can be taken out if as many criteria as possible are met by the borrower. The applicant has to prove with his ID or passport that he has reached the age of 18. There must be a permanent place of residence in Germany if a car loan is taken out in Germany.

Employees have to submit their pay slips. So the bank can be pretty sure that the loan will be repaid. Difficulties will arise if the employment contract is not permanent. A loan is almost never granted during the trial period. In the case of a temporary contract, the loan must be repaid before the loan expires.

If self-employed persons or freelancers take out a car loan with transferable security, meaningful tax assessments must be submitted. The higher the creditworthiness, the lower the interest will be.

Credit check

Credit check

When checking the creditworthiness of a car loan with transferable ownership, it is not only the income that is important. This must be available in an appropriate amount, but the credit bureau is also checked. credit bureau stores credit and leasing contracts. As soon as an account is opened, it is also saved.

Banks use the credit bureau information to avoid a credit default. You will be told what the likelihood of failure will be. The score consists of the positive and negative entries. Too many negative entries will lower the score, creating bad credit.

If you do not know what your score is, you can apply for access online. In this way, entries can also be deleted if they are no longer current.

Apply for credit correctly

Apply for credit correctly

Before an application is made, it should be clear that the loan will be granted. Customers can use a small invoice to find out whether they can afford the car loan with transferable ownership at all. For this, at the end of the month there must be money left from the salary in order to pay the installment. An application is made quickly.

However, many forget to compare a loan with other offers. If the application is not made to the house bank, identification by postident procedure must be available. In addition, a copy of the ID card, the pay slips, the employment contract and the bank statements should be available.

This means that the lender can start the check immediately after submitting the application. The loan agreement should be read carefully. Errors can still be reported and corrected.

Use Capital Lender loan calculator

loan calculator

The Capital Lender loan calculator can filter out a provider who gives a car loan with transferable ownership. To do this, the customer must know how much money he needs for the vehicle. The loan amount must be specified first, as well as the term and the purpose.

To see the credit terms, just click on the offer. This is how the most important details are listed. The customer can now decide whether they agree to the credit terms. If this is not the case, another offer can be viewed.

The loan calculator can be used at any time free of charge and does not yet represent a loan request. This means that the loan seeker can take his time before choosing one of the offers.

Auto Loan with Assignment – Credit Security

Auto Loan with Assignment - Credit Security

Anyone who takes out a mortgage car loan must know that there is nothing they can do other than drive the vehicle. If the term runs over several years, he cannot sell the vehicle. He couldn’t replace it with a newer model. In this way, a provider can also be found who does not transfer ownership by way of security.

A second applicant can take out the loan. This way, the vehicle can be secured with a second salary and the vehicle would be in the borrower’s possession immediately. This way he could sell it at any time and would not have to wait for the loan to be repaid.

Especially when the life situation changes, the sale can be used to redeem the loan faster. A special repayment should be agreed for this.

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