How many cards do you have in your wallet? 1, 2, 3, 4? On average, the French have 7!  The Good Finance study looked at the use of cards in France. Bank cards, payment cards, loyalty cards, there are no less than 185 million in France, including 81 million payment cards.

These figures clearly indicate that the French are very attached to it. Hence the title of the study: “The French and their cards, a lasting relationship “. In fact, 94% of respondents have a card.

The bank card: the star of the French wallet

The bank card: the star of the French wallet

49.78% of payments are made with a bank card, according to data from the Cream Bank. It is also the most used method of payment in France.

Distribution of means of payment:

  • 1) Payment by card (50%),
  • 2) Transfers (18%),
  • 3) Direct debit (18%),
  • 4) Checks (13%),
  • 5) Electronic wallet (1%)

According to the French Federation (FF), the French spend on average 47 USD by card, 1874 USD by transfer, 490 USD by check and 280 USD by direct debit. ” The use of the bank card has continued to increase since 2000: + 8% on average per year, ” notes the FF in a summary study.

Payment facilities and credit redemption

Payment facilities and credit redemption

The study carried out on a sample of 10,500 households / individuals explains that the diversity of the cards makes it possible to satisfy the varied expectations of the French. Store payment cards are popular with consumers with a score of 8.2 / 10 against 7.5 / 10 for pure loyalty cards. The reason for this slight preference? Payment facilities. “Activated or not, access to financial solutions is an asset for a store card holder”.

Considered as free credit, the payment facilities are paid in installments without interest rate. The duration of these credits is generally 3 months. If it is higher, they are “assimilated to consumer loans and must comply with all the rules. Thus, a pre-contractual information sheet must be completed, a loan contract offer must be made and the borrower has a withdrawal period of 14 days ”, underlines the specialized site.

So be careful not to multiply the payment facilities and find yourself in too much debt. Indeed, it is still an amount to be reimbursed.

In addition, if you have several credits to repay, the repurchase of credit is an alternative (repurchase of consumer credits or repurchase of mortgage credit). This operation allows you to group all your debts into a single loan, with a single monthly payment and a single rate.

Consumer credit, home loan, tax arrears, bank overdraft: all these expenses can be bought back by a lending organization. You can perform a credit buyout simulation to see more clearly. You will be able to calculate your debt ratio to find out the share of your budget allocated to your credits, calculate the remaining capital due of these, or even view your amortization table.

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